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Kabam has finally released AQ Map 8 that will help summoners get 6-star Rank 4 materials. So let’s see what AQ Map 8 has got for us.

Here are some Quick Highlights of AQ Map 8

  • Goodbye “Corvus Timeout”. Yes, any champion that time out fight with low health will be dead. Kabam has specifically addressed Corvus Timeout and mentioned this will apply to all champs.
  • There will 7 paths in Section 1, 10 paths in Section 2, and 8 Paths in Section 3.
  • Miniboss: Nimrod (all variants).
  • Bosses: Peni Parker and Spider-Man 2099 (Yes, 2 Bosses for all variants).
  • Entry Cost: 30 Tickets Each Map Each Players (150 Tickets each player each week)
  • Lane Killer Boost/Buff: At the start of every lane, you will have the option to pick buff(s), just like incursion.
  • Mini-Boss and Boss Killer Buffs: Right before the Mini-Boss and Boss, you can choose buff.
  • Link Nodes: It will have fewer link nodes just like other maps. Link nodes will only be attached to mini-boss and boss (not to paths).

Here is the AQ Map 8 Layout

map 8 layout

What about the AQ Rank Rewards?

Kabam has added Tier 6 Basic Catalyst and Tier 3 Alpha Catalyst Fragments, but your alliance must rank within the top 30 to get them. Here is the list of rank rewards that alliances can claim.

AQ Rank Reward