Alliance War Score Calculation and Its Misconception

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The score calculator posted by Kabam doesn’t seem perfect and it’s also kind of old that is based on the old map. Kabam has not posted the scoring for the AW Season 10 and the new maps. So, let’s find out what’s new.

Alliance War Score Calculation for AW 10 Season (New Map)

aw score calculation

Are you confused because you always knew that 45,000 pts is for 100% exploration and 36,000 is maximum attack bonus?

Let me share you the screenshot of recent war result and you will understand. If you look closely the exploration points we got after 100% exploration is 45,550 that remains the same for all tier of alliances. We got 36,960 attack bonus even after a few deaths. So the attack bonus is definitely over 36,000.

confused part aw score 1

What happens when less than 10 members place the defenders?

Some summoners are little confused about this point and think placing fewer defenders can cause the opponent to get fewer bonus points. Well, you got it wrong if you also think this way.

There are 53 spots in each Battle Group (BG) to place defenders that makes 159 including all 3 BGs. So 3 spots will always be left blank each BG. Just walking through those blank nodes give you full attack bonus. That means each BG gets free 720 bonus points just by touching those nodes. In the same way, when a spot has no defender, it gives full attack bonus (240 points) along with node exploration point just by walking through the node.

Let’s have a look at the screenshot what Kabam says about the blank nodes:

empty node clarification

Understand Your War Tier, Difficulty, and Score Multiplier

The chart below defines the Map Difficulty, War Tier and the Score Multiplies. If you have any confusion, feel free to comment at the end of the page.

war tier and multiplierThe score calculation formula

Points Contributed to Season Score = (Points Won + Win Bonus) x Multiplier

Note: When you win a war it shows the complete score including 50,000 bonus points and if you lose a war, it shows the actual points because you don’t get bonus points anyway.

Let’s Calculate Total Score for Winner and Loser for the war result shown in the screenshot below


Winner’s Actual Score without Bonus Points: 195,810 – 50,000 = 145,810
Loser’s Actual Score: 144,060

Points Contributed to Season Score:
for Winner = (145,810 + 50,000) x 4 = 783,240
for Loser = 144,060 x 4 = 576,240

Note: 4 is the score multiplier because it’s a tier 5 ally. The loser team may have different score if their war tier is not the same.

Note: The winner team can simply multiply the score by 4 because the war result already shows the score with bonus points. The calculation given above is just for explanation of how it works.