Alliance Quest Map 7 Paths With Nodes Detail (All 3 Versions)

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Image Credit: Map is Created by Nili’S Gaming Channel (in-game name: Nili1405) and defenders are placed by

AQ Map 7 (Omega Red Miniboss)


Node Explanations of all Map 7 Variants are in the end of this post.

AQ Map 7 (Thing Miniboss)


AQ Map 7 (Annihilus Miniboss)


Map 7 Nodes Details:

  • Acid Wash: Poison Debuffs and Passive deal 25% more damage to the defender, and they take 90% less damage from all sources unless they are inflicted with a poison Debuff or Passive.
  • Adaptive: Cycles between building up Physical Resistance or Energy Resistance every 8 seconds.
  • Aggressive: The defender is more aggressive and excels at the defensive abilities like Heavy and Dash Attacks.
  • Aggression Armor: Every 2 seconds on a timer gain an armor up passive increasing armor 50% per stack. When struck, reset the timer and remove an armor up passive.
  • Aggression Regeneration: Every 2 seconds on a timer, gain a regeneration passive that heals for 0.25% of Max Health every second per stack. When struck, reset the timer and remove a regeneration passive stack.
  • Backboard Brawler: While this Defender is inner against a wall, they gain a permanent Passive Fury and Passive Armor every 3 seconds. Each fury increasing their base Attack by 10% up to 300% and each Armor increasing their Armor Rating by 100% up to 1,000.
  • Bane: Whichever champion lands the first hit will place a Curse on the opponent which deals 2.5% of their current health as Direct Damage per second. Whenever a Champion with the Curse strike the opponent or if the curse has been on the champion for 10 seconds, it passes to the opponent.
  • Biohazard: When struck 20% chance to inflict Bleed. While blocking 50% chance to inflict poison.
  • Bleed Vulnerblity: Attacker’s attack is increased by 200% while the defender is bleeding.
  • Brawl: Every 10 seconds both champions gain an unstoppable for 5 seconds.
  • Buffed Up: This defender takes 100% less damage while the attacker has less than 3 buffs applied to them. These buffs can be of the same type.
  • Buff toggle (Unstoppable): Every 10 seconds the Defender gains an unstoppable buff for 2 seconds.
  • Caltrops: Dashing backward cause bleed degeneration for 6 seconds
  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: The duration of the Attacker’s Unstoppable effects is increased by 100%, however, the defender takes 75% less damage unless the Attacker is Unstoppable.
  • Can’t Touch This: Passive 50% chance to evade all attacks in addition to basic ability.
  • Caustic Temper: The defender has a 50% chance to inflict Poison when struck dealing 15% of the attacker’s max health over 10 seconds. Additionally, if the attacker has no active buffs, the defender takes 90% less damage.
  • Clapback: When a poison, shock, bleed, incinerate, or plasma debuff is placed on the defender, the same debuff is placed to the attacker, dealing 100% of the defender’s attack over 10 seconds.
  • Colorblind: For each champion of the same class on the attacker’s team, they suffer degeneration of 25% of their max health over 15 seconds at the start of the fight.
  • Combo Party: For every 10 hits on their combo Meter, the attack gains a permanent cruelty Buff, granting +500 critical damage rating. When struck, the attacker loses all Cruelty Vuffs if their combo meter is lost and takes 40% of the defender’s attack as direct damage for each cruelty buff removed this way.
  • Counter Tactics: The Defender Increases Base Attack by 20% for each hit of the Attacker’s Combo Meter.
  • Crit Me With Your Best Shot: Takes 100% less damage from hits that are not critical.
  • Defensive: The Defender is more passive and excels at the defensive abilities like Blocking and Dodging.
  • Degeneration: Inflict Health Degeneration draining 0.60% health per second.
  • Delirium: Attackers dash and dodge control are inverted in this fight. Robots and Champions with Psychic Resistance are immune.
  • Dismay: Whenever the attacker loses their highest achieved combo in a fight, they gain a Degeneration Debuff that deals damage every second equal to 10 times the lost.
  • Diss Track: The defender takes 100% less damage while they have less than 3 Debuffs applied to them. These Debuffs can be of the same type.
  • Do You Bleed?: The defender takes 100% less damage from any sources except bleed.
  • Empowered Immunity: Whenever this champion would receive a debuff they are immune to, they generate 33% of a bar of power
  • Encroaching Stun: Every 20 seconds the Attacker becomes Stunned for 3 seconds unless they are performing a Special Attack when the time expires.
  • Footloose: After activating Special Attack, the Defender becomes Unstoppable and has a 25% chance to evade incoming attack for 7 seconds.
  • Freezer Burn: When striking the defender, the attacker has a 20% chance to be inflicted with an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 100% of the Defender’s current attack as direct damage over 5 seconds. When striking the defender’s block, the attack has a 20% chance to be inflicted with a Coldsnap Debuff, dealing 100% of the Defender’s current attack as direct damage over 5 seconds.
  • Gimme: Whenever the attacker regenerates health, the defender is health direct damage equal to 400% of the health gained, but the defender takes 75% less damage from all other sources and is immune to damage over time effects.
  • Haazareth Vengeance: Whenever the defender is knocked down, there is a 50% chance to activate the Aura of Haazareth for 6 seconds.
  • Haazareth Rage: When Aura of Haazareth is enabled, the defender is more likely to activate Special 2 Attack.
  • Heavy Hitter: Heavy Attacks are not interrupted.
  • Incinerate 30: Inflicting incinerate damage on the attacker at the start of the fight dealing 100% of health damage over 30 seconds. This ability has +100% ability accuracy.
  • Indomitable: The Defenders healing abilities can’t be reversed, when this would occur, they are instead only prevented from healing.
  • Kinetic Transference: Blocked attacks cause the defender to gain 10% power. If the blocked attack dealt 0 damage, the amount of power gained is doubled.
  • Lazarus: The defender begins the fight with 5 revival charges which heal them 20% max health whenever they would be knocked out. Every 20 hits on the Attacker’s Combo Meter removes 1 of these charges. When the attacker loses a combo, the defender gains a revival charge.
  • Limber: Each time stun debuff is applied, the next stun debuff duration is reduced by 10%.
  • Lionheart: Whenever the Defender’s Healing abilities would be reduced or reversed by a debuff, they aren’t reversed, gain +300% Potency, and the defender deals 200% of their attack as direct damage to the attacker over 4 seconds.
  • Little League: This defender takes 15% more damage against small and medium champions and inflicts 200% more damage against large and extra-large champions.
  • Major League: This defender takes 15% more damage against large and extra-large champions and inflicts 200% more damage against small and medium champions.
  • Masochism: Every 7 seconds the next Debuff triggered on this champion is immediately removed. Each time this effect triggers they regenerate 5% of their max health.
  • Mesmerize: A 7% chance to evade attacks and leave the attacker stunned for 1 second.
  • Mighty Charge: While performing a Medium dash attack, the defender is immune to debuffs, unstoppable, and gains 200% attack.
  • Minor Aspect of Nightmares: Attackers degenerates 25% Health over 12 seconds, but then regenerates 25% health instantly.
  • One Eye Open: 100% of the damage dealt to the defender while they are stunned is dealt back to the attacker.
  • Opportunist – 1: The defender gains +10% Attack for each buff on them.
  • Oscillate – 3: Every 15 Seconds, the Defender alternates between a fury passive increasing Base Attack by 300% and an Armor Up/Crit Resistance passive increasing Armor and Crit Resistance by 3,000.
  • Overreach (Fury): While the attacker has 2 or more fury buffs, the defender slowly accumulates power over time and gains a +150% attack. While the attacker has 0 Fury, the defender gains +20% ability accuracy.
  • Particle Protector: This defender has a 35% chance to Glance attacks. Glancing hits can’t be critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% offensive ability accuracy. This is not affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction.
  • Physical Resistance: +% (Increased) Physical Resistance
  • Pleasure to Burn: Incinerate debuffs and passive deal 25% more damage to the defender, and they take 90% less damage from all sources unless they are inflicted with an incinerate debuff or passive.
  • Protecting Shied – 2: If the defender would lose more than 4% health from a single source that damage is capped and the protection shield shuts down for 8 seconds.
  • Prove Yourself: The Defender is Indestructible as long as the Attacker’s Combo Meter is below 15.
  • Pull!: Projectile based attacks deal 100% more damage, and non-projectile based attacks deal 75% less damage.
  • Redoubled Determination – 3: For each Debuff, Defender gains +60% Attack and +20% Power gain rate. Bleed, Poison, and Armor Break Debuffs count twice for this effect.
  • Recovery: Healing and Regeneration abilities recover 50% more health.
  • Sadist 3: The defender gains +50% Attack for each debuff on them
  • Shock 30: 100% health is drained caused by shock debuff over 30 seconds.
  • Sixth Sense: The defender has a 50% chance to Auto Block all Medium and Light Attacks
  • Size Matters: Extra Large Champions’ Attacks cannot be glanced. Large Champions’ Special Attacks, Intercepts, and Heavy Attacks cannot be glanced. Medium Champions’ Intercepts and Aand Heavy Attacks cannot be glanced. Small Champions’ Heavy Attacks cannot be glanced. This buff only applies to the attackers.
  • Soft Guard: Each Blocked attack reduces Block Proficiency by 4%, up to a maximum of 80% reduction.
  • Spectre: A lingering ancestral curse reverse the effect of all healing abilities. (It comes as a timer and expires, so just don’t try to heal when it is enabled)
  • Spiked Armor: Spiked Armor provides further protection when struck by a Critical hit, increasing this champion’s physical resistance by 20% for 5 seconds. Additionally, 6% attack as physical damage is health back to the attacker.
  • Starburst: Suffer Degeneration proportionate to this champion’s missing health.
  • Strength in Numbers: For each member of the attacker’s team that knocked out, the attacker suffer a 25% attack and ability accuracy.
  • Strike Back: When damaged by a Special Attack, this enemy gains 1 bar or power.
  • Stun Immunity: Immune to Stun effect.
  • Tunnel Vision: When the attacker performs the same action twice in a row and they don’t have a falter debuff applied, they have a 100% chance to gain a falter debuff, which causes them to miss their next attack. When an attack is missed falter debuff is removed. Special attacks are not counted towards this buff.
  • Tyranny: Heroes don’t generate power, just villains do.
  • Unlimited Power: For each Debuff the Defender has suffered since the start of the fight, every 10 seconds they activate a permanent fury buff increasing their attack by 25%. If these fury buffs are nullified or removed in any way, the defender gains 15% of their max power for each buff nullified.
  • Vigor: Every 15 seconds after the start of the fight, the defender regenerates 50% of base health over 5 seconds. The timer refreshes when the defender reaches intervals of 25% missing health.
  • Villainy: Villain in this arena periodically gain cruelty, increasing critical damage by 250% for 7 seconds.
  • Vivified: Defender gets 200% defensive Power Gain, and cannot be affected by Power Drain, Power Steal, or Burn.
  • What’s Yours is Mine: Whenever the defender has a Weakness Debuff applied to them, a fury Buff with 60% of the Weakness’ potency is given to the attacker for 5 seconds. While the attacker doesn’t have a fury buff from this effect, the attacker deals 75% less damage.