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There are so many champions that can beat Mr. Sinister, but it’s not Mr. Sinister but the buffs that require specific champions for this boss.

What are the Challenges

  • You need a Champion that is Immune to Poison.
  • If the attacker doesn’t have fury buff, Mr. Sinister will take 90% less damage.
  • The EMP Modification causes Shock Debuff to the attacker when Mr. Sinister uses a Special attack.

Let’s learn about the counters now.

Best counters to Defeat Act 6.2 Mr. Sinister

Defeating without Heimdall and Angela or Hela Synergy

Ghost Taking Mr. Sinister Down

Keep purifying debuffs to gain lots of furies.

Captain Marvel Movie Soloes

She is immune to Poison, Can go indestructible if duped (not necessary), and can get lots of furies. That’s everything you need.

Captain America Infinity War with a Tech and Skill Synergy (One Shot)

It might sound impossible, but Captain America Infinity War can do it. Parry and Heavy do the trick. Try not to use Dexterity and block Special Attacks.

Warlock with Ultron or Vision Synergy (If no Ultron/Vision, Use Heimdall + Angela/Hela)

Hyperion (You need a few revives, better with suicide)

Defeating With Heimdall + Angela / Hela Synergy

  • Heimdall: You must include Heimdall and Angela or Hela for synergy to get fury buff to any champ.

The other champions You can use with Heimdall Synergy

Hulk Ragnarok With Heimdall + Angela Synergy (One Shot)

Quake with Heimdall + Angela Synergy

Archangel with Heimdall and Angela or Hela Synergy

Apply few Neuro and AA can shut all the shits.

Vision OG with Heimdall + Angela or Hela Synergy

I don’t have a video for this, but one of my Ally members one shot with Vision OG 5 Star R5. Here is why he can one-shot.

  • Heimdall Synergy will give OG Vision fury that is really needed for this fight.
  • Vision is Immune to Poison and he can heal block every time he drains 100% power.
  • No Shock Damage: Vision OG’s Synthesis gives him a burst of power (like power gain) all of a sudden that depends on the Amount of signature he has. He starts the fight with a bar of power, and if you hit Mr. Sinister at a little slower pace, vision will have over 2 bar of power before sinister gets one. So you can keep his power drained and also heal block. He cannot inflict shock damage unless he uses a special attack.

Nebula with Heimdall + Angela or Hela Synergy

  • Nebula can get Fury with synergy
  • She can purify 3 shock debuffs and convert each into 5 charges
  • Get 20 charges till the time you have 2 bar of power ready. Parry and use L2 that should finish the fight.