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Act 6 100

Kabam has announced to nerf The Champion Boss as well as the whole Act 6 Chapters. Let’s start with The Champion Boss and we will talk about Act 6.2.

Act 6.2 The Champion Boss is Being Nerfed

Buffs/Nodes Old Buff New One
Damage Taken from Nullify 10% 2%
Block Penetration 50% Reduction
Dexterity Needed (at 10% health) 5 3
No Retreat Node Available Removed

It’s going to give lots of relief and finish The Champions faster.

Entire Act 6 is Being Nerfed, rather getting easier

Bosses in Act 6 (Except Act 6.4.6)

Act 6 boss

Opponents in Act 6

Act 6 encounters

When will the above-mentioned changes take effect?

Kabam has not announced the exact date so far, but expect this to go live next month or in August by latest.