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Act 6.1.6 Symbiote Supreme Fights – How to Fight?- Videos

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Symbiote Supreme in Act 6.1.6 is the hardest fight you will face if you don’t have Æegon. Kabam has put him on such a node that makes it quite annoying.

What Makes Symbiote Supreme Hard in Act 6.1.6?

You cannot do any damage unless you have 3 buffs. Symbiote Supreme nullifies the buffs that make almost impossible to beat him without right champ.

What are the Best counters for Act 6.1.6 Symbiote Supreme

1. Aegon / Æegon

One Shot

2. Thing

One Shot

3. Hyperion

Symbiote Supreme Fight: 11:24 to 17:35

4 & 5. Crossbones & Hela

Other Best counters that should work too

  • Gamora
  • She-Hulk
  • Venom
  • Medusa with Blackbolt Synergy

Help us update the list if you have more suggestions.

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