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Symbiote Supreme in Act 6.1.6 is the hardest fight you will face if you don’t have Æegon. Kabam has put him on such a node that makes it quite annoying.

What Makes Symbiote Supreme Hard in Act 6.1.6?

You cannot do any damage unless you have 3 buffs. Symbiote Supreme nullifies the buffs that make almost impossible to beat him without right champ.

Act 6.1.6 Symbiote Supreme Counters (Buffed Up Node)


Thing (with Heimdall and Angela Synergy)


Symbiote Supreme Fight: 11:24 to 17:35

Angela (Duped)

Duped Angela is hard to nullify

Cull Obsidian With Heimdall + Angela + Magik Synergy


Crossbones & Hela