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Book 1 Story Quest Act 5.4.1 Map

The easy path for Story Quest Act 5.4.1

Life Transfer

The Opponent Suffers a Permanent Degeneration effect losing 2% of their max health per second, but Lifestealing 125% of their Damage done.

The Champs you will be facing are

  • Karnak
  • Loki
  • Gwenpool (Stupefy)
  • Yondu (debilitate)
  • Ghost Rider (Power gain)
  • Falcon (Debuff immune)
  • Beast (Energy resistance)
  • OG Vision (Armor)
  • Quake (Stun immunity)

Then you will find different paths to choose, go for the one that has these champs

  • Spider-Gwen
  • Iron Fist (Bane)

The Boss: Punisher 2099 (25% power gain over 5 seconds, enhanced sp2, critical buffs, 108k health points)

So you are not likely to lose any health as long as you keep heating. Here is a video of the Life Transfer Complete Run.